3 Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Thesis Writing

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  • How to avoid mistakes that keep you stuck in grad school for an extra 1-2 years
    It's frustrating to feel like you are stuck, especially if you don't even know what to do to finish. You can avoid this trap, if you know the mistakes that keep students lingering for years in grad school. 
  • Tips to break out of the vicious burnout/procrastination cycle
    Do you know the feeling of being on a hamster wheel? Working, working, working, and have very little to show for it? Once you know what got you into this trap, you can break out of this exhausting cycle. 
  • How you can gain the confidence you need to get your thesis DONE
    Sometimes you can't help wondering, "Am I smart enough for grad school?" Your confidence can take a big hit when you see others finishing, while you are feeling lost. Discover what it takes to regain the confidence you had when you started grad school.
  • Strategies to double your productivity without working more hours
    When things aren't going well, our impulse is to work more. But, does that help? Actually, how you structure you day makes is much more important than the number of hours you work, and you will see exactly why in this training. 
  • Steps to firing up your motivation to get your thesis done

    Did you ever have a day when you felt motivated, had the time to work, and then...you felt burnt out and defeated by the end of the day?  With just a small shift in your habits, you can not only get focused again, but make progress you are proud of. 

  • How to stay focused and Finish Your Thesis
    It seems like those who finish quickly are a lot smarter, are "born" to succeed or have 48 hours in a day! But those "smart" students are humans, just like you. It's not their innate intelligence, but how they think and what they do, that helps them finish their thesis ahead of time and move on.